Villages in Covid

Finally after years of dreaming, Klaire Doyle and I have set up our Villages Collective and are running our first residency project giving space and a voice to fellow artist and mums.
12th Feb 2021
Residency: Villages in Covid

4 month residency established Feb 11th (ongoing through March – June 2021)

Villages in Covid: Our first residency as a collective. An opportunity for artists in residence to devise work during lockdown, inspired by lockdown conditions. These circumstances may hinder the artists practice, but we intend to establish a stimulating space for inspiring conversation and creative flow.

The 4 artists in residence are northern based practitioners: Helena Worthington, Laura Fooks. Georgianna Cardoso and Klaire Doyle will facilitate this residency, but they will also take part as artists in residence too. All women are mothers bar Klaire.

The aim of the residency: for each artist in residence to have a final piece of art work/research presentable by the end of June. Hopes to exhibit this residency as a group show in a gallery space commence from June (with research on spaces available in the meantime).

This will be a cyber based residency due to lockdown conditions. This will entail regular zoom meetings every 2 weeks (Tuesday evening at 9pm – flexible past children’s bedtime). Zoom meetings will be an opportunity to discuss findings, thoughts, struggles, inspiration/lack of. It will be a kind of support group for women and mothers to make time for themselves and their practice.

Due to the online nature of the residency, the artists will be asked to document their processes via photography and short video recordings. These clips and documented moments (of art and motherhood, and womanhood) to be compiled into the following:

A video compilation at the end of June to document the lockdown lives of practicing mothers and women.

A Villages Facebook page (artists in residence will have admin access during residency). This will be a type of public blog to post research findings and articles that may interest people following the page. It is also a space for the artists to document their making process. – managed by Georgianna.

A Villages Instagram page. This will perform as an online gallery/exhibition space. To document the makings of the artists in residence and to display the active work of women and mothers online. – managed by Klaire.

We hope this residency will be a practice-based research tool so we can work alongside mothers with established practices. We hope to better understand the needs and desires of women in the arts with children. We hope to use our final residency exhibition as an example of the capability of these people so we can continue to build an organization that supports women and displays their research proudly.

We will consider the values of Villages at all times by reflecting on the needs of the artists in residence. I.e.: best times to meet (zoom) around childcare? Flexibility in the process – we don’t expect research and art work provided at every meeting. Flexibility past June is possible to fit around lockdown and the artists restraints.

Things to keep researching during residency: What gallery spaces may be interested in exhibiting our project? Hanover. Birley. HOME (mentioned by Helena). Wigan STEAM. Harris?