Artist and Curator

I am a Mexican born multi-disciplinary artist and curator based in the North West of England. The focus of my practice has been on the effect violence has in our society. I have been influenced greatly by the precolonial cultures in Mexico and their relationship with nature’s duality.
I like to juxtapose the beauty of life against the hidden dangers that surround us. My use of colour highlights the beauty of the world whilst my composition unmasks the horrors hidden behind this beauty.
Whilst living in the UK I have been inspired by the weather in coastal towns where one can appreciate the storms coming towards us. I am playing with abstraction and metaphors and concepts of the destructive forces that bring life and death what they take as well as what they bring, wind and water as destructive forces or as creators of power and energy.
My past projects focused on the aftermath of murder and domestic abuse. My research lead me to a realisation that even after catastrophe, humans find strength to rebuild their lives out of the rubble to often create beauty beyond anything they would have thought they could.
I have taken a few years off from my previous projects to focus on being a mother, in this time I have been experimenting with different techniques and materials. I have also incorporated my experiences as a single mother into my practice. This has been a time of exploration and introspection. Motherhood has slightly shifted my perspective on life and the world and the way I approach my practice. The struggles of motherhood have deepened my understanding on my past and present projects. These experiences are like the weather, it can’t be controlled, and one has to adapt to it.
I like to observe how external forces push us to breaking point and how we externalise these feelings as an explosion of creativity and reliance as to defy the circumstances that are trying to break us.
I have been exploring water sports such as sailing, surfing and kite-boarding. These use destructive forces such as the waves and strong winds to create energy to be able to glide on water giving an incredible sense of freedom. Taming the storm as a metaphor for survival and defiance.